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7 Best Activities for Seniors with Dementia

A group of older adults dance and play the piano.

Dementia is a complex condition that affects many older adults and manifests with memory loss, communication difficulties, and changes in behavior. However, the diagnosis doesn’t signify an end to enjoying life. Activities for older adults with dementia can include: Finding joy in daily activities with personalized support and care can significantly enhance the quality of […]

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Is Memory Care Considered Skilled Nursing?

A senior man in memory care laughing with a nurse.

As your loved one ages, you may want to consider moving them into a senior living community. These communities offer a variety of living arrangements, support services, and social activities that can help your loved one maintain their independence and well-being. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a condition like dementia, you may […]

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Best Pets for Seniors

An older adult man playing with a his dog outdoors

As individuals transition to older adult living communities, the value of companionship in enhancing one’s well-being cannot be overstated. Pets offer not just companionship to older adults but can also bring a sense of responsibility and purpose to their lives.  However, helping an older loved one choose the right pet can be a challenge that […]

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Do People with Dementia Sleep a Lot?

A senior man sleeping on a white bed in a white room with plants next to the bed

Dementia is a general term used to describe a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life activities. It’s a progressive condition that affects memory, behavior, and thinking. A common behavioral symptom in people with dementia is sleep disturbances, which can lead to sleeping a lot. But it’s important to remember that […]

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