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10 Fun Activities for Seniors

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four seniors holding and raising their hands to the sky as they enjoy the view from the top of a mountain they just hiked.

Walking, hiking, and gardening are all great ways for seniors to stay active. Activities like board games, baking, or crafting are fun activities to pass the time on a rainy day or with limited mobility.

These are just some ways to stay busy and social when you’re part of a retirement community. Even if you’ve never tried a specific activity before, many senior communities have teams dedicated to helping you live your best life—including trying new and exciting activities.

Activities for Seniors

There really aren’t specific activities for older people and different ones for young people. A senior may not be able to do everything they could as a younger person, but they can modify many activities to suit their abilities.

Walking & Hiking

The CDC recommends that seniors get between 75 and 150 minutes of activity in a week. The amount depends primarily on the type of activity. Daily walks are a great way to meet weekly activity requirements. 

Additionally, walking or hiking can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends.


Much of our lives revolve around reading, but many people do it for simple enjoyment. There isn’t a single way to enjoy literature; books, magazines, or internet articles are all good options. And if vision is a problem, there are large print and audiobooks available.

Additionally, reading can become a social activity in the form of a book club. Reading can also awaken a desire to write their own story. Additionally, if a senior in your life loves to read, they may not need much of a push to start writing!

A senior woman sewing a heart out of fabric to make a beautiful piece of art.


Crafting can take many forms. For example, in a memory care community, the residents may have varying levels of cognitive decline, and crafting is an adaptable activity. Additionally, more complex and creative crafts can be chosen for the senior who wants a challenge.

Cooking & Baking

Most assisted living communities provide most meals, so cooking isn’t typically required. But for many people cooking and baking are very enjoyable hobbies. Holidays are a great time to get together with fellow residents and bake holiday treats.

Learning & Playing an Instrument

Music can be therapeutic to listen to and play. Maybe an older adult won’t be joining a rock band and touring the States, but it may be possible to learn an instrument. Given the manual dexterity required to play an instrument like the piano, it can help a senior maintain their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Watching TV Shows & Movies

Sometimes, kicking back, relaxing, and watching a movie is a nice way to spend an afternoon. Or in some cases, when mobility is a problem, watching a movie or a good television show can be a great way to pass the time. It can also be a social way to spend a Friday night in the community.

Board & Card Games

Speaking of a social way to spend the evening with friends, there are some great board game and card game choices. Again, this is an activity that can be adapted to the person. Additionally, there is a good selection of solo tabletop or card games available as well. 

Ongoing Education

A senior is never too old to learn something new. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to be a practical or useful skill. Learning a new and challenging skill can provide mental stimulation that helps keep your mind sharp.


Getting outside in the garden is wonderful for a senior’s mental health. A combination of fresh air, vitamin D, and sunlight can help boost mood and fight off seasonal depression. And like many other activities, gardening is always fun with friends.

Make Friends

Not everyone wants to be a social butterfly when they’re older. But it’s important to stay connected as you age. Loneliness and depression are linked to an increased risk of stroke, dementia, and higher depression rates.

Choose Appropriate Activities

Different activities require various levels of ability and fitness. It’s important when trying out new things as a senior to consult with a doctor or other medical professional to ensure the exercises or activities are suitable for your health and abilities.

Fun in the Golden Years

Retirement doesn’t have to be a snooze! There are many fun activities to help keep seniors active and healthy.If you’re considering retirement in South Plains, book a tour at The Legacy. Our team is happy to answer all your questions and book you a community tour.

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